Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So.  Sayulita.  Here goes.

The Pad
There was a fair amount of uncertainty about our villa heading in to this.  Such is life when you pick a place off the Internet and transfer money into a bank account sight unseen.  Anyhow.  It was pretty nice.  20 feet from the beach.  Nice pool that nobody else used.  Sweet.  Just needs another bedroom.

As you can see above, the place was right on the water.  The poundingest of poundy surf pounded onto the beach.  It was intense.  We spent a lot of time getting pummeled by waves and cleaning water out of our sinuses.
As well, the place was a nice 15 minute walk (5 minute lazy man ride) from the main surf beach, which was a little more forgiving.

So.  Surfing.  First waves.
 Sometimes you gotta take some punishment to get a wave.  Or push somebody onto a wave.
And sometimes you need to listen to somebody when they tell you that a board meant for a small child isn't going to support your generous girth.

And then you just have the beach.  Which would look a lot nicer if I shot it at high tide and you couldn't see all of those rocks.

We also spent some time on boats.  First up was fishing.

First fish
Those became tacos later on.

We also saw dolphins.
And Pelicans.  And other stuff.
So.  Boat trip #2 was to go snorkeling.  Now.  I've seen whales...but not like we saw on the way out.  Tough to do them justice with a photo, but there were at least 6 or 7 and they were close.
We arrived at our island destination and did some snorkeling.  Lesson learned...Gopros aren't the greatest underwater cameras.
Then we went and looked at boobies.

Lots of birds.

We seemed to get a lot of group photos.  See if you can tell whose late for their flight in this one (and who bought new hats).
Who is hungover (in the evening) in this one.
And who the waiters liked in this one.


This is how you roll in Mexico.
 Street Food.
Eating on the street food (that taxi is not parked).
 And.  Well.  Just unclassifiable.

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