Monday, April 1, 2013

The Weekend of the Photo

So.  A new lens.  A couple of great locations.  I shot a lot of photos this weekend.

We'll start at the George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary.  Awesome place.

This guy was yelling at us.

 You can get really close.

 Angry goose.
 Happy goose.
 Flying geese.
 Apparently this guy is pretty rare.
 Flying ducks.

 A bee.

Spent a bit of time down at Jericho.  Flowers.
 This guy was hammering away on that piece of metal for a good 20 minutes.
 But.  The highlight had to be yesterday.  Somewhere on the Fraser.  We had one happy-assed dog.

Oh.  I mentioned new lens.  Not from this weekend.  But I'm really happy with my 60mm macro prime.  And cropping.


Unknown said...

That rare bird is an American Bittern. Lucky us.

Unknown said...
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