Monday, September 9, 2013

A Summer of Photos

Man.  I can't believe I haven't had anything to say since Mexico.  Anyhow.  Random photos from the summer and beforehand.  Okay.  Mostly tubing photos from the summer.  And lots of photos of the dog.

Stretching it with the definition of summer

We'll start with a photo of the Tunes.  From February.  On Mount Hood.  Why not though?  Can never have too much of the Tunes.
Then we've got feeding a rabbit, some ducks, and some crows.

A late season ski day with Matt.

Some bubbling water with Vancouver in the background.
And Tunes with Vancouver in the background.  Same day, I think.
I think we're moving into spring now, so...

Almost Summer Photos

Went fishing with Jeremy and Jason one day.  We caught one crab and three prawns.  But it was a nice day.  I like that you can see an eagle way up on one of those trees.
 The crab.
Let's focus on bugs now.

We're really getting into things now.  Practically summer.

Practically Summer

And we'll start with just an assault of Tunes photos.  These ones aren't sharp, but I love that they almost look photoshopped.

People don't know this about the Tunes, but she can really haul ass.

 Or.  Rub ass.  This is her all time favourite thing to do.
Other beach shots.  Because that is where she likes to be.  Although it doesn't look like it below, this is a happy dog.

Okay.  We're done with the crazy.  You shoot what you have around, okay?  And, speaking of crazy...if you're not going to the beach at low tide, you're crazy.

Most Definitely Summer

We'll start with some lake shots.

 A couple of years ago, they tore down the Adams Lake bridge on me.  I never got a photo.  I've tried to get a decent photo of the Scotch Creek bridge since then.  I can never quite capture it.
Oh.  Side track.  We took a trip up the Sunshine Coast.  Stayed at Ruby Lake Resort.  It was great.  Saw a beaver.  Swam on our own private island.  Great.

 Private island.
Oh.  Did the Dinner En Blanc thing as well.  Not really happy with any of my photos.
Now.  Just boatloads of tubing photos (Andrea took some of these...I took some of these).  You just can't imagine how fun and dangerous this thing is.  We'll start with a not great photo to prove this to you.
That's not even as high as it goes.  Honestly.  You can't do this and not injure yourself.  This is Mike and I.

First, determined.
 Blurry, but flying.
 A bit blurry, but excited.
 And about to die.  Honestly.  Not long after this one I lay moaning in the water.
And the kids just love it.  I mean, love it.  They don't get injured.  They can go out for hours.

And Andrea goes out for HOOOOOUUUUURRRRSSSS on the thing with them.  Look at how happy they all look.

It's like an advertisement for a cult or something.  But.  They get hammered too.  Check out the sequence.

I like this one because two are scared and one looks sadistic.
Actually.  There's quite a few like that.

And just to prove that it's an equal opportunity pummeling.
Now, we're in to the wakeboarding.  First, some gopro shots that I kind of liked.  Even though it looks kind of like I'm wearing short shorts.

This one is in the air, though it doesn't look like it.
Andrea finally stepped up to the real board.  She looks a lot more pro now.
And she's been taking some pretty good wakeboarding photos as well.

I love how casual my neighbour looks in this one.
I've been trying to get out and shoot bikes a bit more too.  Feel like I get a bit better every time I go out.  It's tough though, trying to figure out what you're doing and working with self timers and stuff.  You can make a great shot but you mis-timed it or vice versa.  Even those these are a bit flawed, I still like them.  And yes, I have shot the rock to death.

I feel like I'm getting a bit better here.
And I'm actually really happy with this shot.
But then again.  I just took these on the weekend.  And I feel like I've regressed a bit.  Although...the tires on this bike made it almost impossible to ride anything in the wet.

Anyhow.  There you have it.  The summer in photos.

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