Friday, May 22, 2009


I don't really like talking about beer with people because most people haven't a clue about the subject. I know. That sounds a bit elitist. Lots of people drink beer and lots of people know what tastes they like. But there's just so much crappy knowledge about beer out there. It's difficult to understand what goes into beer when everything related to selling beer is based on some ridiculous image concocted by a bunch of sales goons. So myths develop and people stick by them. However, I found this website and the guy talks about some of the most common defects and tastes in beer, where they come from and how to spot them. A good read for anybody interested in beer at all.


Skunked Beer



Please note his line in oxidation where he says "you are safest getting beers from large breweries because they almost always have the best quality control." He's speaking specifically about samples for taste testing controls, but still, it's a good point to make. Just because you don't like the taste doesn't mean it's low quality.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Canucks vs. the Astronauts

So, the Canadian Space Agency announced the hiring of their two astronauts. A fighter pilot and a medical doctor/astrophysicist. I guess I shouldn't feel too badly about not being chosen.

On more urgent matters...what is wrong with people and hockey? I can't take it any more. Tuesday was nothing but all the superfans talking about how upset they were. The papers are nothing but tearing into the Canucks and talking about how badly this team needs to change. I don't really get that. I understand that this team didn't get it done. But this team is the one that inspired so much confidence and put them in that position in the first place. This team had the lead in every game and came very, very close to having a 3-1 lead in the series. Yes, they lost, but I don't think it's as grim or as dire as it seems. Are we really going to be better off not signing the Sedin's? Trading Luongo? It's crazy.

And here goes my theory for why a Canadian team hasn't won the Stanley cup since 1993, or whenever it was. It's because of Canadians. We're so impatient, we will not longer stand for a "re-building". Aside from Detroit and perhaps Anaheim, every team remaining in the playoffs today was out in the wastelands only a few years ago. A Canadian team might suck, but it will never make it to the wastelands. It's not acceptable for a GM to have a master plan and have his team suck for a year or two. It has to be good RIGHT NOW! It has to show that it's doing something to get better right away. I don't think this is a recipe for long term success. So, Canada, blame yourself. It's your fault.