Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Black Cab Sessions

Wow. This is really cool. My ex-boss sent this to me.

The basic premise of the Black Cab Sessions is that the band (or part of it) drives around in the back of a London cab playing an acoustic version of a song in one take. I think that if a song can still come through in these circumstances, you've got a good one.


Sunset Rubdown

The Walkmen (I don't know if Hamilton looks bores, scared or stoned)

The Cool Kids
(with the, literally, fist bumpin' beat)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stemmle! Stemmle! Stemmle!

Oh my. I'm so happy about this announcement regarding the announcing at the 2010 Olympics. The Brian Stemmle/Gerry Dobson duo is so far superior to what CBC throws at their ski racing coverage. Kerrin Lee-Gartner is just the worst. Todd Brooker has a bit too much cheeseball, handsome-man TV show host in him to make me comfortable. Steve Armitage gives the impression that an old man has stumbled onto the set and is reading cards placed in front of him.

I'm so, so happy about this. Brian Stemmle finally catches a break.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Guess she didn't like the shirt.

Well, old news now, but Zooey is getting married. To Ben Fucking Gibbard. Jesus. Another reason to not like Death Cab.

In happier news, I made the purchase of the year...hell...maybe even my lifetime last week. The Philips DVP5990. Anybody who watches divx or avi files on their computer deserves this upgrade. It's so easy to use. Just plug a flash drive into the front and go. I can't believe I wasted my time patching my computer in to my A/V system. This is so much better.

See? You can see my little flash drive sticking out the front. And my nerd box. And my duck.

And lastly, Nancy Greene the Senator. Good god. I can't stand this woman. My few run-ins with her have shown her to be arrogant and a bit rude. As far as I can tell, she's never really done anything other than win a few ski races back when racing was in it's infancy and then ride her name to opportunity after opportunity. Stupid Senate. It actually took Stephen Harper appointing people to the Senate to make me think that an elected Senate is a good idea.

Oh. Wait. Actually lastly. The thing that inspired this post. Go right now and watch this video. The motorbike step-up is crazy, and the truck backflip is a wonder of engineering. Check out the two-part ramp. There's a steep part on the top that collapses as the front wheels hit. So the front wheels are on a different trajectory than the rear, causing the truck to flip. Check out this video of the training jumps, where buddy breaks his back. Over-jumps the cardboard boxes and lands on the roof of the truck.