Wednesday, November 14, 2012

European Zen Navigation Tour 2012 - Part 4 - Nice and Geneva

I'm not going to talk much about Nice.  We really just wandered around (quite a bit) and shopped (quite a bit).  And I'm not going to talk at all about Geneva.  Because it's not very good there.

These ladies were 10 times more awesome in person.  They show up again later.

 Chinese tourists are crazy.
 This yacht had a big helicopter on the back of it.  I believe (according to my favorite yachting website) that it's Ice, the 39th largest private yacht in the world, owned by Russian Billionaire Suleiman Kerimov.  It actually has its own Wikipedia page.

Other than that...I don't know.  Nice is pretty cool.

Geneva is not.  Honestly.  Geneva is nothing but watches, swiss army knives and cuckoo clocks.  We walked by a Chinese restaurant and they had a swiss army knife display case.

Oh.  And the prices.  My goodness.  I thought my calculations were off, but they weren't.  20 dollars for a falafel plate from a sketchy kebab stand.  30-35 dollars for a burger from a pub.  We ended up eating in a Tapas bar.  The beers were 10 bucks.  A burger was 35.  The plates we ended up getting were a swiss bargain.  Three 15 dollar plates and we were stuffed.  Oh ya.  15 dollars for a Big Mac meal.  Crazy.

The other bargain was our hotel room.  Steps from the train station for 120 dollars.  Even had a view of the fountain in the lake.  Oh.  The transit system is unreal, as well.  You can get a free transfer in the arrivals area that lets you ride any transit for a couple of hours.  And the hotel gives you a free transit pass for the length of your stay.
The only other highlight.  They had one of the crazy Specialized electric bikes that came out a few months ago.  I think it's somewhere in the neighbourhood of 8-10,000 dollars.  It goes 50 km/hr or something like that.

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