Monday, August 29, 2011

A window into my world

Sometimes you struggle to explain the absurdity of situations. I've stopped trying to even comprehend how the place that I work functions. But here's a small window into how ridiculous it is.

So, I'm standing down at one of the production lines looking at a certain machine run with my current boss. As I stand there watching it, my ex-boss, who was fired roughly two years ago, wanders in with two guys in tow. I ask my current boss what my ex-boss is doing there. He hasn't seen him yet so looks at me with confusion. I point him out and it does little to clarify the situation. So, we decide that I should go down and figure out what is going on.

My ex-boss, who was obviously trying to keep a low profile, is making a bee-line for the exit. I catch up to him and ask him what he's doing. "Just touring these two guys through." Then he heads out with them.

So, my fired ex-boss is touring two guys through the plant, with improper safety equipment and no escort. He leaves and I think it's done with.

Then, he comes back without the two guys. He's being cagey and he loves it. Ducking questions like a lawyer. I finally get it out of him that the two guys work for a competitor and they've hired him to do some work for them. A much smaller competitor, but a competitor nonetheless. He did have permission to be there, but the guy that gave him permission no longer works directly for this branch of the company.

So, my fired ex-boss shows up with marginal authorization and leads two competitors through the plant wearing improper safety equipment.

As we discuss life and I find out about his upcoming plans and everybody around us kind of avoids the whole area for fear of having to do respond to the situation, he says to me "Hey, did you see (name of current boss redacted)'s job posted up on the engineering website? I was going to apply before I figured it out. Does he know?"

So, my fired ex-boss is aware that my now current boss is about to be my ex-boss and it's just too much for me so I suggest he should probably get going soon before somebody throws him out and I just get out of the area before the vortex of oddness consumes me.

Update - He quit before he was fired.

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Marty said...

I had to read that twice. So are you going to apply for the soon to be former current boss' position?