Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Okay. This is really late, but I figured I'd better do something sooner rather than later. Highlights:

Game 6

Ya, we managed to get tickets at face value (85 bucks a piece) Canucks vs. Blackhawks. It was pretty stressful, but in the end, the nice man that I pestered at the ticket window about 20 times came through for me. It was an amazing game with a less than amazing result. The guy behind us spilled beer on me and some little kid kept giving us the stink-eye. But we didn't get beaten up.
Everybody in Chicago wears team merchandise. It's crazy. Incredibly passionate fans, although sometimes a bit misinformed.

Deep Dish Pizza

I hit up Giordano's on day 1. The server tried to talk me in to a personal size, but I didn't fly to Chicago for a personal size pizza. The guy beside me had a small as well. I only got halfway through, which took a whole lot of mental willpower. Buddy beside me had an extra piece. The two beer wait didn't help either though.

Chicago Dog

No picture. I had one at the airport and it was still fantastic.


The Cubs game was pretty awesome and the Cubs scalpers are way less sketchy than the Blackhawks scalpers. We ended up getting seats directly behind home plate, about 20-25 (okay, maybe 30) rows back for $50 a pop. Only missed half of the first. Very exciting.
I won't mention the singer from the Black Crowes sitting a few rows over and I won't post the paparazzi shots that I took.

The Zoo

The Zoo is awesome and totally free. There's some really stupid people at the zoo and some sad animals. But a great place.
The Buildings

Man, there's some awesome buildings in Chicago. We once again had a hotel in the shadow of a ginormous landmark, the Hancock Center in this case. View out the window:
The rest of Chicago is just a really pleasant place to wander. Lots of landmarks. Lots of amazing spots.

The El Train

Just the existence of that thing is awesome.


There's some pretty great museums. We went to a free Thursday evening at the Art Institute of Chicago. Lots to see there. And we spent a rainy day at the Science Museum. It was a bit disappointing in how dumbed down it is...for the American kids I guess. Neat photos though.

The Lowlights

Game 5

I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed to be a Vancouver resident as I was while sitting in a bar in Chicago in Game 5. This poll actually came up. It says "Which Canuck do you hate the most?" I think Luongo won. The poll. Not the game.

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