Monday, February 22, 2010

Men's Ski Cross

Men's ski cross is done. Women's goes tomorrow. I couldn't face the day up there today. I was tired. I had the sniffles. I came in to work.

Yesterday was a crazy day. I woke up at 2:50 in order to make it to my 3:24 bus on time. It didn't show up. I took a cab downtown and things were crazy. Drunks all over the place. Hookers trying to flag down the cab. Drunks trying to take pictures of all us volunteers. Crazy.

When we finally got up to Cypress, my whole day was out of whack. I ate lunch at 8:30 in the morning. I kept thinking there was something wrong as the light was so low in the sky. It was still a bit dark when the athletes began their inspection. I was in a terrible, horrible foul mood.

Finally, the sun came out and the race was ready to go. Note form:
- I had no idea Dave Barr was a last minute replacement. What a crazy story. I used to race against Dave Barr. He was a tiny little guy that hauled ass. Now he's kind of a chunky little guy that hauls ass

- The speed of the ski cross over the boarder cross is crazy

- I popped my head into the Salomon wax cabin and this is what it looked like. Note the rows of skis down the left side wall as well

- The crowd for the ski cross was the best that I had seen. There seemed to be gaps in all the other crowds, but not this one
- I thought this shot right after the flower ceremony was kind of neat
- I had to pee in the woods at one point
- Watched much of the race from a spot just above the 2nd to last turn. We could see about half the course and lost the racers just as they hit the lip of the 2nd to last jump. It was a heartbreaker to see Del Bosco go out like that. But he's barely Canadian. I shot this from a well-timed trip up the chair
- I saw Rhalves a few times as well
- The Canadian team suits really did look like pyjamas. They are sort of camouflage too

- Willy Raine is one of the coaches. Here he is with two of the ladies, in his pyjamas on training day
- This camera guy was surly-hilarious

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