Thursday, February 11, 2010


Oh my gosh. How to sum up my last two days of Olympics? What a crazy cluster. In point form:

- Cypress is in trouble. I was amazed from afar at how much they'd done, but after sliding down the boardercross/skiercross course today...egads! It's slush. It's not finished. Training starts tomorrow. Trouble.
- There are some neat things wooden jumps. And apparently the pipe is in good shape. The grandstands are crazy. And it's so wet.
- These buses will kill me. I rode a bus today that was fully loaded with people ready to go to Cypress. And we drove 30 seconds and had to unload and get on another bus because the first was just a shuttle. A 30 second shuttle.
- The opening ceremony was crazy. Crazy line-ups. Crazy questionable pieces of Canada. Crazy hard to hear. Crazy. We were at the dress rehearsal down on the floor behind the giant...oops....that would be a spoiler. We almost had Andre the Giant sit in front of us but then he went away and we were happy. Oh, somebody stole Andrea's ticket at the security check! Crazy.

It's all crazy. What is exploding right now?

Oh, you may remember this....

From such photos as this...
It's just sitting there. Rotting. About 25 feet from the main grandstands. Very weird. More explosions.

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