Monday, May 19, 2008

New York. Part 1

So I woke up on Friday and it wasn't very nice out. Actually. It was raining like a MOFO. I found my way to a Lenny's, ate some lunch and then hit the MOMA. I love the MOMA. I love how you just walk around and The Starry Night just pops out and slaps you in the face. Buddy yells at anybody that uses a flash, which is entertaining.

Other than that, The Three Musicians is my favourite Picasso:

My Dad actually painted a version of it and it's hanging above our piano at home. Other than that, the Pollock is pretty crazy:

And the Monet Water Lillies are pretty amazing. Just on sheer size alone.

I know. Pictures of art. Friday didn't contain much beyond that.

So. Saturday. Saturday was a beautiful day with a lot of walking. Started at the Riverside Park which goes all along the river on the west side of Manhattan. You can only see shit like this in New York.

After that, we subwayed to the West Village and then went on a lunch quest through Chinatown. Can Chinese dumplings be beat for value for the money? I think not. Oh. American Apparel T-shirts. I love American Apparel T-shirts. I spill all kinds of shit on them all the time and it just comes right out. Must be all the chemicals and child labour. The dumpling grease came right out.

We ended up over on the east side beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. I never imagined that the Brooklyn Banks would actually be in Manhattan, but there you go. They appear to be over-run by BMXers, which was shockingly strange.

I also figured I should probably insert myself into a photograph at some point and time, so here it is in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.

From there we walked up Wall Street, where everything has a flag on it...

and took a subway to the Flatiron district. Not super exciting.

We were hitting a subway station near Times Square to get home and I made Peter go there. I don't know. It's kind of a ridiculous place, but what are you going to do?

The nighttime took us back to the Flatiron. We went to some lounge with 17 dollar martinis, which is pretty ridiculous. We walked in and there was a set of cute, classy looking girls standing near us. They had to be mid-20's and looked like they belonged in a place with 17 dollar martinis. One of them started faking an orgasm when we walked in and then her friend let out an earth-shaking belch into her boyfriend/brother's face (we couldn't figure out which he was). It was super bizarre and a little disturbing. It made me feel a bit more at home though.

The night carried on for quite a while. We went to this place Pete's which, according to my guidebook has been there since 1864. Then, we went to the Poorhouse which was the site of last years infamous post LCD Soundsystem drunken meltdown. Good times. Good times, indeed.

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