Monday, April 28, 2008

Lots of people are better than me

First off, a quick one. I wish it was longer, but it isn't. So deal with it. Pulp Fiction done in Shakespearean English. Good stuff. Almost laugh-out-loud funny. Almost.

Next up, the Gilbert Arenas Blog. Holy shit. Honestly, why do I even bother? Why bother? This guy is way more interesting and way more willing to speak is mind than anybody else out there. Anybody remotely interested in basketball or living the life of a celebrity should read this.

Scroll down to Adventures of Chuck and Larry (sorry, can't permalink directly there, just close). He steals his teammates keys and arranges for his friend to take his car and have it painted pink? Holy shit. Man. I can't even ruin the rest of it for you. Just read it.

And then here, where the whole posting talks about his shoe and the work that goes in behind it. Very interesting.

But, my all time favourite, you must read this. First, he talks about how Gary Payton pretty much owned his ass one game and how that inspired him to be a better player. How many people could even admit that to their buddies, let alone write a blog about it? But my favourite, good lord, my all-time favourite...right below that under Relationship 101. Read about how he decided to go on relationship strike to get back at his wife and how that caused him to miss an important EA launch event that seemed to be pretty important. Holy shit! That's just so funny.

Alas. I can't be that interesting myself, I will just point out others that are better than me.

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