Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shaq Returns

So I took the TDI in to the shop today. She's been running a bit slowly lately. I figured it was just a plugged fuel filter or something but the mechanic insisted they would need to crack into it to take a closer look. He phoned me later in the morning and started listing off things that were wrong with it. Each sentence seemed to involve spending 300-600 dollars on something. It turns out that somehow the air intake got plugged up (not the filter, something else) and at the same time the oxygen sensor broke. He said the intake manifold was so gummed up with shit that only 20% of the opening remained. That probably explains why Hyundais were blowing by me on the Coquihalla. All kinds of things needed to be replaced, taken apart and/or cleaned.

I told him to go ahead with it and I was bracing myself for a 1500-2000 dollar bill when I went to pick it up. But there lies the beauty of owning a Volkswagen. They fix shit, and they somehow end up doing it for free. I mean, my car has been off warranty for a couple of years but they seem to keep replacing things on warranty. When I picked it up the total tally was 1000 dollars, including the 300 bucks for the oil change and replacing all the filters. And bleeding the brakes. The old girl is like new.

I'm stoked. Own a Volkswagen.

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