Friday, March 21, 2008

A Miscellaneous Assortment of Topics

Pitchfork just gave the new Dodos album a "Best New Music" tag. I saw them open up for Les Savy Fav a month or two back and it was pretty incredible how two dudes were able to crank out so much sound. I tracked down their first album (Beware of the Maniacs) and it's been on pretty steady rotation since then. I'm confident that the new album is going to be bad-ass and worth checking out. If only I could find it.

As well, thanks Marty for sending me Stuff White People Like. I especially like the part in "Bicycles" where it talks about how the whole city bike fascination is due to people that want to pretend they live in Europe. There's nothing like self-deprecating white person humour.

And lastly, this video on the subprime mortgage meltdown is pretty funny. Funny in a "clever and sad" sort of way. Not really in a "ha ha" kind of way.

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