Monday, March 1, 2010


I remember growing up hating Firebirds. Just thinking that they are the stupidest car ever. I was so disgusted by them. The late 70's into '81, '82 in particular. And was probably around 1999 or so. It all changed. I somehow just got it. And I've wanted one ever since.

I remember watching Pimp My Ride a few years ago when they did up about a 1980 Firebird. It was so awesome. I fell in love.

Anyhow. This post excites me. It's amazing that somebody could be so crazy about Firebirds.

I looked at one a few years ago. It was out at the Shuswap and it was propane. White. My dream is to have one with a matching bicycle trailer. If I had a garage, I probably would have bought it.

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