Thursday, October 29, 2009

I call bullshit

Did anybody see this article in the Sun today about the guy claiming to make $40,000 per month via his blog? He's pretty much created the worst website ever that is so thick with ads that it's un-navigable. But if the sole purpose of your blog is to convince people that you make lots of money from your blog, why not tell everybody that you make $40,000 per month? It reminds me a bit of the Money Momentum Kids in the Hall sketch. I can see the people out there buying into the whole idea of starting up a shitty blog and living the high life, but would anybody visit this site twice? Would anybody follow an ad from this site? Would anybody pay to advertise on this thing?

And it also makes me think of all the people out there that seem to exist merely on the volume of their own words. Do Heidi and Spencer honestly make hundreds of thousands of dollars by attending a party? Do all these finance authors make money from following their own magical advice? (not really the same but) Do janitors in Fort McMurray actually make $150,000 a year sweeping floors? I just don't think so.

I remember that there was a guy back in high school who would bring a briefcase to school every week or so and tell everybody all about the money he was making selling god knows what to nobody in particular. We've managed to take this into the digital age, I guess.

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