Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm awesome.

Ha. I wrote this in April, 2008. You remember April, right? When everybody thought things would be fine? What did I say?

What I find interesting is how everybody insists this will have no effect on Canada and our housing values. Okay. I understand. We don't have a sub-prime mess like the US does. But...how the hell can our housing prices continue to go up and up and up when just across the border things are in the tank? Doesn't is seem like a bit of a sign as to how ludicrous things are right now that you can drive a few hours to a major city (Portland, Seattle) and pick up a house for a fraction of what it would cost here in Vancouver? We're a separate market, yes, but not that separate. I don't see how this can't affect us.

And I was right. Shit was still going up in April.

Update - Dec 8, 2009 - Okay. Maybe I'm not so awesome after all.

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