Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interesting Times

Not to dwell too much on things, as it's all been said about a thousand times...but I have two things to say.

1) If John McCain had acted throughout the campaign like he had during his concession speech, this would have been a different election.

2) I can't believe how well the Republicans are taking this defeat. I honestly can't imagine lefties taking things this well if they had lost. No threats of moving away. No bitching that the election was stolen. Indeed, most Republicans seem to be rallying behind the result. It kind of makes you wonder what the hell they've been talking about for the last year.

Okay. That brings a third one.

3) Don't get all gloaty Democrats! Alright. Good job. You won. Things will most likely get better. I mean, they have to get better. But don't get cocky. It will come back to haunt you.

That is all.

Update: Okay. Perhaps I spoke too soon. This article in the Globe and Mail, while proving to the world what we all knew (that Sarah Palin is an imbecile) should have been titled "Actually. Your worst fears over the last few months have been unfounded. It's way worse than you thought." It scares me that it is somehow acceptable to lie so badly in the heat of a campaign. Anybody conscious of this sort of deception should be fired from a cannon at the moon.

Which reminds me of this article about John McCain, which I saw a few weeks ago but am bringing up now. It pretty much suggests that you'd be a fool to hire John McCain to mow your lawn. God help you if you decide to vote for him.

Which leads to the highlight of this addendum. First up, is the article in Newsweek highlighting the problems with Sarah Palin. It also points out some very interesting facts about the campaign:
- McCain's staff had pretty much given up before the final debate
- There were quite a few Obama death threats that we didn't hear about
...and so on.

That article is culled from an in depth article created by a team of reporters working behind the scenes with both campaigns under the promise that nothing would be reported until after the election was over. Wow. I've only read the first two chapters, but it reminds me of All the Presidents Men or other Woodward books. It's amazing that they had such access and it's a pretty eye-opening read as to what was going on.

Chapter 1 starts here.

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